The ideal color for your summer bag


The ideal color for your summer bag

Every woman has a large number of women’s bags τσάντες γυναικείες– in her wardrobe as it is something that is an integral accessory for every outfit. We all have a large number of bags during our lifetime and there will always be an outfit with which we will not be able to combine our bags. But are you wondering “What is the ideal color for your summer bag?”

Summer bags are a different chapter in our outfit and everyone thinks that it is easy to match them with our clothes. So because every season is different and summer is the time when you take more walks and outings than you do the rest year you should not underestimate your summer bags.

If you are organized and follow fashion, you will definitely have a bag for every summer outfit, but if you are wondering what is the ideal color for your summer bag, we have the solution for you.

Colors on women’s summer bags

The truth is that summer and spring are seasons when we want to add color to our lives. That’s why you should take advantage of the summer to add a bag of color to your collection. If you are a woman who usually prefers monochrome clothes, then it would be good to prefer a calm color so that you do not go out of your comfort zone.

Of course, you can also use the bags you wear in winter, but many times, their textures and fabrics do not suit the summer season. And what do we mean by that? A brown or black leather bag can look “heavy” and mismatched with an airy summer outfit. Also in the morning and in the afternoon when the sun is still high, such bags are better to be avoided.

So please prefer to put colors in your summer outfits and add a bag in a bright color. In more detail, you can see our suggestions for color in your summer bags below.

Textures in women’s summer bags

As mentioned before, the texture of the bag you choose for the summer should be done carefully. There are textures and fabrics that do not suit the summer season as they “weigh” our clothes and make our daily life more difficult. Leather and leather bags for example in contact with our skin can cause irritation as heat is not the best factor for the skin.

Prefer light fabrics such as cotton or canvas, which “breathe” and do not cause skin contact problems. Bags made of lighter fabrics will help you and will not complicate your daily life, especially during the hot summer months, when the last thing you need is extra warmth from leather fabrics.

Apart from leather and leather, another material that is controversial about whether it suits the summer months is vinyl and plastic. We have seen from time to time transparent plastic bags circulating on beaches as they are very easy to use and are waterproof. We are not sure about their usefulness during a hot summer day in the city, but whenever we leave the choice to you.



Fuchsia is a color that every woman loves but is often afraid to put it in her life. It may seem very intense and binding, but this particular color can take off your monochrome outfits. If you are a woman who constantly wears black, white, brown clothes even in summer, a fuchsia bag will completely change your daily life.


Blue is a color that many women do not prefer in their bags, but trust us when we tell you that a monochrome look will take off. Although misunderstood, blue is available in many shades, but you should be careful in choosing the size and texture of the bag as some shades of blue are binding.

Mint green

The mint green or pastel green, is a cute color that will give a positive mood to your day. The cute pastel green can go perfectly with earth tones such as brown, tan, beige, but also give a happy note to darker outfits such as dark blue, gray or black.


Yellow is a happy color and can instantly change your mood. You can choose a large yellow shoulder or handbag which you will combine with many clothing options. The intense yellow color is ideal to illuminate a look in earth tones while it goes very well with dark blue, red, fuchsia and black!



Trends for women’s bags of 2020

In addition to the colors we mentioned above, in the trends for the women’s trends of the summer of 2020 are also the wicker bags. Strange as it may sound to you, the wicker bags are on standby this year for spring and summer. We can say that a wicker bag is a must for your summer vacation as it adds an exotic tone to your looks.

Choosing a wicker bag does not mean that you will do it exclusively for the beach for your vacation. Although a wicker bag is a must for your visit to the sea as it does not get dirty and keeps its shape, this does not mean that you can not wear it in the city.

Combine it with a black, white or brown outfit, with wicker espadrilles and a sloppy hairstyle in your hair, and you can drink your coffee or even your drink on a hot summer night in town. We are sure that this way you will bring summer to the fast pace of the city.

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