‘Demonic’ cat called Chester looking for his fifth home after being returned to RSPCA four times


‘Bad boy’ cat known as Chester is returned to the RSPCA on 4 different situations for remaining ‘demonic’ – but his carers argue he can be incredibly affectionate

  • RSPCA shelter tabby cat Chester is seeking for his fifth household in 7 yrs
  • Renowned for his undesirable boy mind-set the place he bites and swipes at humans
  • In spite of his flaws, Chester also has a sweet and loving character who loves treats 

A cat explained as a ‘demonic’ and ‘anti-social’ Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde by his last proprietor is even now looking for his forever home right after he was returned to the RSPCA for the fourth time in seven years.

Eight-year-outdated tabby Chester is back again in acquainted environment at the animal shelter in Adelaide after yet another unsuccessful adoption thanks to his negative boy angle.

RSPCA carers keep on being hopeful of matching the affectionate but frequently fiery Chester with his best proprietor, declaring the ‘boomerang cat’ is simply just misunderstood.

‘We’re not heading to beat all around the bush with this one particular, Chester has some significant cattitude,’ RSPCA South Australia posted on Facebook.

Chester's last owner called him 'demonic'

Chester likes to swipe when he's had enough

Meet Chester, the cat with severe cattitude who’s been returned to the RSPCA 4 situations

‘In his spare time Chester likes to burn down villages, worship the devil and swipe/chunk his human underlings.’

‘Despite his (ahem) misgivings, Chester has a distinctive and quirky identity. When you strip back his chilly, ruthless exterior you uncover a loving, chatty cat, who loves a pat (on his own phrases) and a friend to rule the planet alongside.’

The RSPCA shared a online video of Chester exhibiting off his varied personalities which array from friendly and playful to temperamental as he swipes and attempts to bite personnel.

‘Chester came to us since he is experienced a little bit of a negative report card,’ his carer Jenny Sherring stated.

‘He has a little bit of a terrible boy mind-set. He’ll swipe at you but it is commonly telling you he’s had ample.’ 

‘He is very foods determined so if you want him to cooperate, treats are likely to be your ideal mate.’

While Chester has a fiery side, the eight year-old tabby is also affectionate and playful

Although Chester has a fiery aspect, the 8 yr-previous tabby is also affectionate and playful

Chester is greatest suited to a residence with no small children or other pets and preferably with 1 grownup to himself.

His RSPCA profile on the internet also warns he likes to scratch, will spray when there are other animals all-around and likes to roam and get into fights with other cats if not securely contained.

While he demands his have space alone, Chester also have tons of like to give, irrespective of his record.

‘When I’m in the mood I will happily cuddle up on the sofa and view Netflix with you,’ his profile states.

Chester (pictured) may be a bad boy sometime but he also has a loving and affectionate side

Chester (pictured) may be a terrible boy someday but he also has a loving and affectionate aspect

Chester's last owner described him as anti-social and 'a real Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde'

Chester’s last operator explained him as anti-social and ‘a serious Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde’

The online video was inundated with opinions from cat lovers expressing help and appreciate for Chester.

‘Need cattitude to place up with some humans,’ one wrote. 

Yet another included: ‘He is unquestionably entertaining and fiery to hang out with.’

Chester is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated and can be adopted for $29.

Chester (pictured) is very food-motivated who loves treats and can also be a chatterbox

Chester (pictured) is extremely foods-enthusiastic who loves treats and can also be a chatterbox



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