PIERS MORGAN: Ozzy Osbourne’s Covid advice? ‘Don’t eat bats – they taste awful!’  


It’s been a helluva calendar year – the most stunning and life-modifying that most of us have knowledgeable. As 2020 finishes, right here are my once-a-year Morgan Awards, for those people who’ve motivated, amused, entertained and horrified us as the earth reeled from coronavirus. 

MOST SAVAGE QUIP: ‘Self-isolation is uncomplicated for you, Morgan,’ chortled Sir Bob Geldof on Excellent Morning Britain during the 1st countrywide lockdown. ‘Nobody wishes to be anywhere near you anyway!’

Second-MOST SAVAGE QUIP: When I advised to previous Bond girl Britt Ekland that I could switch Daniel Craig as 007, with the terms ‘We’ve experienced Pierce Brosnan, it is time for Piers Morgan’, she burst out laughing. 

‘You want to lose a pair of corona kilos,’ arrived the withering reply.

SADDEST LOCKDOWN TWEET: ‘Sat in the tub at 2pm on a Monday viewing an previous episode of Geordie Shore,’ posted my eldest son Spencer, 27. ‘I’ve strike rock base.’

WORST-TIMED Individual ANNOUNCEMENT: ‘Typical,’ Phillip Schofield instructed me, ‘I ultimately occur out just as the relaxation of the planet is purchased to continue to be in.’

POT/KETTLE AWARD FOR LAUGHABLE Lack OF SELF-Awareness: Soon after Laurence Fox’s anti-woke rant on BBC1’s Query Time, the insufferably gobby Lily Allen raged: ‘Sick to dying of luvvies like Fox forcing their views on every person else. 

Stick to performing, mate, alternatively of ranting about factors you never know something about.’

MOST BRUTALLY Accurate CRITIC: ‘He’s the present day-working day Florence Foster Jenkins [the amateur opera singer known for her terrible voice]. Absolutely everyone around him has been telling him he’s funny,’ noticed Barry Cryer about David Walliams, ‘but let us be truthful, he’s a great swimmer.’

Finest MARITAL Information: ‘What’s been the secret of this marriage’s success?’ I requested Dame Joan Collins at a celebration to rejoice her and fifth partner Percy Gibson’s 18th marriage anniversary. 

‘Separate loos!’ she replied. ‘I’d say it’s extra down to two other words and phrases,’ chuckled Percy. ‘Yes dear.’

Greatest Existence Information: Bob Weighton, the world’s oldest gentleman until his death in May perhaps, appeared on GMB just after his 112th birthday in March and proffered the next pearl of knowledge: ‘What I’ve learnt in my lifetime is that it’s much much better to make a close friend out of a feasible enemy than an enemy out of a attainable mate.’

Worldwide PANDEMIC AVOIDANCE ADVISER OF THE Calendar year: ‘Obviously, the reply is never take in bats!’ Ozzy Osbourne (higher than correct) informed me at his LA property. ‘They taste f**king terrible anyway.’

‘Obviously, the answer is don’t eat bats!’ Ozzy Osbourne (above) told me at his LA home. ‘They taste f**king terrible anyway.’

‘Obviously, the solution is don’t eat bats!’ Ozzy Osbourne (earlier mentioned) informed me at his LA property. ‘They style f**king terrible anyway.’

MOST ASTUTE SOCIAL MEDIA MEME: ‘Your grandparents ended up identified as to battle in world wars,’ study an nameless viral post. ‘You’re staying termed to clean your hands and sit on the couch. Really do not f**k this up.’

WORST MAKE-UP MISHAP: When I was obtaining to do my have beauty confront-improvement on GMB throughout lockdown, I unintentionally selected the mistaken pot and painted myself vibrant orange – sending Twitter into a lather of mockery. 

‘It’s like a satsuma experienced a fling with a tangerine, and then they both went to a tanning booth,’ cackled Lorraine Kelly when she saw me.

MOST DREADFUL MUSICAL Overall performance: Speculate Lady star Gal Gadot wrongly determined that what we definitely needed to cheer us up in lockdown was her and renowned good friends, which includes Natalie Portman, Will Ferrell and Amy Adams, murdering John Lennon’s Think about from their mansions. 

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot wrongly decided that what we really wanted to cheer us up in lockdown was her and famous friends murdering John Lennon's Imagine from their mansions

Surprise Lady star Gal Gadot wrongly decided that what we truly wished to cheer us up in lockdown was her and famed buddies murdering John Lennon’s Picture from their mansions

As one particular Twitter person set it: ‘A load of millionaire singers and actors singing “imagine no possessions” is not what I have to have at 8.55am.’

Minimum EMPATHETIC STAR: When I experienced a short coronavirus scare in Might, a lot of renowned mates kindly expressed their problem – apart from Vinnie Jones. ‘Oh, appear on Piers,’ he texted, ‘don’t be likely for the sympathy vote with all the housewives you total b*llend. 

Let me know when you get in excess of the sniffles you panzy and I’ll see you on the golf system.’ Attached was a photograph of smirking Mr Jones in a beanie hat with a massive woollen penis trapped on it.

MOST Stressing VERBAL Trade: ‘Shall I slash your hair?’ requested my spouse Celia when salons were shut. ‘Have you at any time done it just before?’ I replied nervously. ‘No,’ she replied, ‘but I have viewed a YouTube tutorial.’

HYPOCRITE OF THE Yr: Multi-millionaire champagne socialist Steve Coogan, who furloughed the gardener and housekeeper at his £4 million nation home, generating the public pay out 80 per cent of their wages.

Very best PREDICTION: Me. On Might 25 I wrote: ‘I’d guess excellent cash Dominic Cummings will not however be doing the job in No 10 by Christmas. You can endure nearly anything in politics – other than turning out to be a hypocritical countrywide laughing inventory.’ He lost his task on November 13.

SADDEST BERKS IN BRITAIN: 8 people complained to Ofcom, the Television set regulator, since I took one sip of a pint of beer at 6.42am to mark pubs getting equipped to reopen just after lockdown. 

The complainants ended up apparently ‘outraged’ that I ‘broke health and fitness and security rules’ by boozing at perform. If I’d identified it would annoy the halfwit killjoys that a great deal, I’d have downed the complete pint in one particular, standing on my head.

Best RESIGNATION Assertion: When I asked Jake Wooden why he’d give up EastEnders after 15 wonderful several years as womaniser Max Branning, he replied: ‘I’ve experienced 4 marriages, 10 affairs, four small children, a single of whom died slipping from the roof of The Queen Vic, been buried alive in a coffin in the woods, operate over, framed for murder, imprisoned and endured a failed suicide try. 

Max wants a rest.’

The very least Productive Attempt AT ANONYMITY: I took component in an online speed-consciousness system and, in an exertion to maintain a modicum of discretion, I applied my middle name, Stefan, as my on-display person moniker, only for colleagues of a further participant to location me promptly and scoff: ‘You’re not kidding us, Piersy!’

Each individual CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING AWARD: When Simon Cowell broke his back again slipping off an electrical bike, he was compelled to abandon the vegan eating plan he’s been pretending to appreciate. 

‘I’ve explained to him he requires more protein,’ girlfriend Lauren verified. ‘So we are back to roast dinners and cottage pie.’ Almost well worth the agony.

BUFFOON OF THE Calendar year: When I interviewed Boris Johnson in 2007, I instructed him: ‘I really do not genuinely buy into this buffoon act. I feel you participate in it all up to make revenue and appeal the community, when underneath it all lurks a calculating, formidable and quite severe brain.’ 

‘That’s incredibly type of you, Piers,’ he replied, ‘but you have to take into consideration the probability that underneath it all there seriously may well lurk a legitimate buffoon.’

MY HERO OF THE Calendar year: That marvellous gentleman Captain Sir Tom Moore who, aside from producing the most effective-ever Everyday living Tales dressing-room rider request – ‘I’d like two cans of Coke, a bar of Dairy Milk chocolate… and 6 blondes!’ – continues to encourage us all with his message of hope. 

‘The potential is in front of us all,’ he explained to me and Susanna throughout one particular of his several GMB appearances, ‘and matters will get better and we will get through this very complicated time. Bear in mind, tomorrow will be a fantastic day.’

Under no circumstances have those phrases carried much more resonance, nor have I ever meant these words and phrases far more: Content New Calendar year!  


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